Wins across the board for Coles members in Goulburn

Coles delegates secure six permanent positions in Goulburn

Our Coles delegates in Goulburn have a lot to be proud about this month, after securing permanent positions for six long-term casuals and attending the first ever-national delegate meeting.

In a hard-fought win, our Coles delegates have secured permanent positions for six long-term casuals at the Goulburn warehouse for the first time in 8 years.

NUW organiser, Mark Cochrane said “full credit goes to the delegates, led by Robert Corye and Ben Evans, who led the charge on what turned out to be an extremely difficult and drawn out process.

“Every few months, we raised the issue of permanence with Coles, and while we faced a number of setbacks along the way, we refused to back down.

“If someone is working regular hours as a casual employee, they should be given a permanent job – it should be that simple.

“The win at Goulbourn is a great example of the hard work and resilience of our dedicated group of delegates, who continue to achieve massive outcomes for our members all across Australia,” said Mark Cochrane.

Strength in numbers – Inaugural national meeting

In other news, NUW NSW hosted the first-ever national meeting for Coles delegates last week, with attendees coming from all across Australia.

“All in all it was a very successful meeting – we had a delegate from each and every single Coles shed across Australia attend, which in itself is a massive win,” said Mark Cochrane.

“It was great to see all the delegates meeting one another, bonding over shared common interests and finding comfort in the fact they face similar issues in the workplace.

“Some of the key topics discussed at the meeting included management issues and breaches of the enterprise agreement.

“We also shared success stories from previous union negotiations and discussed ways in which the union has dealt with issues in various warehouses in the past.

“There was a really positive vibe in the meeting and all the delegates left with a renewed sense of determination and a belief in both themselves and the union to achieve real change,” said Mark Cochrane.

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