Our members and organisers have just secured another win in Minto, where we fought since April to assemble a new Agreement at SuperAmart.

We worked hard to ensure that the company wasn’t matching their cheap furniture prices with cheap wages for workers. NUW NSW organiser, Dave Humphries negotiated with SuperAmart to remove the pay discrepancies between Australian states. While states across Australia had varying base rates, our team at NUW worked to ensure that NSW workers had their base pay increased to match with other states such as Victoria.

The three year Agreement delivered many other real benefits including:

  • 3% per annum pay increase
  • $10 weekly laundry allowance
  • Supplying 5 shirts
  • $100 towards new safety boots
  • Better job classification structure

“Thanks to all our members who worked together to secure this strong Agreement. Workers who were not yet a member of the NUW recognised the importance of being a member of a Union. Thanks to the dedication of our passionate members at SuperAmart, all workers can now enjoy the benefits of an improved Agreement.” – Dave Humphries, NUW NSW Organiser.

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