Win for members at Manildra

Congratulations to Manildra workers who’ve just voted on an EBA that provides them with pay parity and better conditions for the next three years. This was the result of a strong and united workforce across our Narrandera, Auburn, Gunnedah, Clyde and Manildra sites.

Garry Cripps and Brett Cotterill, NUW NSW Organisers said, “It’s so important for all workers to have a voice and the right to determine what conditions they will work in – and that’s exactly what’s happened here. Workers voiced their concerns and now we have an Agreement that provides the pay parity and better working conditions that they’ve fought for. This is why you join your Union.”

Some of the highlights of the agreement include:

  • Achieved pay parity across all three sites, with hourly increases of $2.93/hr and $1.43/hr at Gunnedah and Narrandera respectively;
  • Won back pay on pay parity to February 1, 2017;
  • Full pay at 18 years of age, instead of workers being on the junior rate until they are 21years old.

Overall, it is a fantastic outcome for workers at Manildra and a great example of what can be achieved when workers have a united voice. Garry Cripps and Brett Cotterill agreed “This is a fantastic example of how unions are a force for good. Together, we contribute towards a fairer Australia and stronger workforce. Members at Manildra should be proud to have achieved this outcome and be a part of our important union movement.”

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