After an 18-month journey, our team of members, delegates and organisers in Eastern Creek have won the long and tough fight to secure a better Agreement at Clifford and Hallam.

Despite multiple changes in ownership and management from 2015, our organisers and delegates ensured stability for workers by getting the 2015 Agreement extended while a new and improved Agreement could be negotiated.

We worked tirelessly in 2016 to negotiate the new EBA, only for Clifford and Hallam management to sell to new owners – meaning the process had to be restarted all over again.

NUW NSW CH2 delegate, Helen Toteafoe, played a pivotal role in representing members and assisting in the lengthy negotiation processes along with Dave Humphries, NUW NSW organiser. Helen explains, “the company refused to give employees a pay increase, blaming it on their low profit margins.”

Despite this, the NUW NSW continued to fight alongside workers across the nation by taking industrial action in March so that our workers could receive the pay increase they deserved. And we won.

Dave Humphries, explains that this was an incredible win but that “this was only one battle in a larger, longer war for a better Agreement”.

Our organisers in Eastern Creek were eventually able to get management to the table to create a fair Agreement including some of the following wins:

  • 75% per annum pay increase
  • Rectifying job descriptions and positions to achieve the correct pay grade
  • Employees who work 20+ hours in cold or drug/cytotoxic environments are reviewed to ensure consistency with other warehouses

A message from Helen:

“No matter what changes happen around us with company owners and management coming and going, one thing is certain: NUW has never forsaken us no matter how tough the terrain. So our hats off (more like safety vests off) to NUW and our family of organizers and industrial officers for all your encouragement, leg work and time in ensuring our EBA protects us workers as well as our rights here at CH2 Eastern Creek and all CH2 sites nationally.”

And from Dave:

“This is a great example of the importance of being in or joining a union, because if these workers weren’t in the union they would never got the outcome they did.”

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