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NUW Voice – December

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Secretary’s Message – 2018: From Strength to Strength

It’s been an incredible year for our Union.  On every front, 2018 has seen the NUW NSW get back to the basics.…

New NSW Labor Leader’s Impassioned Union Cry

New NSW Opposition leader Michael Daley has issued a stirring defence of trade unions, as he welcomed NUW delegates into…

Late Pay Penalty Anchors New EBAs

Workers at Nestle Blayney and Martin Brower Wetherill Park have secured new agreements that will see their employers penalised for…

The festive season never ends – NUW members have each other’s backs

As Christmas approaches, we’re all scrambling to show each other how much we care. But it’s in times of trial that…

Solidarity forever: looking back on the Esselte Minto strike

It was one of the longest and most emotionally gruelling strikes NUW NSW has ever seen, a flashpoint in the…

NUW Voice – November

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Meat Workers Confront Snag in Conditions

Members at a meat processing plant are demanding a rewrite of their workplace agreement so that they have the right…

Some Facts About Our New Prime Minister

After one of the most destructive weeks in Australian political history which saw Peter Dutton and his supporters tear the…

Supermarket Giants Sign on to Pay Rises

While the national wage average remains stagnant, the big brothers of retail, Woolworths and Coles, have agreed to pay rises…

Secretary Message: Re-election of your NUW NSW Leadership Team

On May 25, the NUW NSW Team led by myself and Bruno Mendonca were re-elected unopposed, as Branch Secretary and…

NUW Voice March

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