The festive season never ends – NUW members have each other’s backs

As Christmas approaches, we’re all scrambling to show each other how much we care. But it’s in times of trial that we find our true friends, and whatever the season, our NUW members never stop giving.

Members at SNDC Yennora have been busy raising funds over the last few months to help each other out, both in times of crisis or in gestures of simple friendship.

When Chris Roach retired from Yennora Woolworths after 26 years as a union member, his NUW mates refused to let the occasion pass unremarked. Instead, they showed up at his door in the Blue Mountains carrying a signed and framed Rabbitoh’s jersey – and some choice words about Roach’s choice of team.

In just the last 2 months, NUW members in Yennora have helped three members battle against cancer. Aiga Lualoa, Rebecca Blunt and Larry Perenise all received cash donations of up to $1000 to help with expenses during their recovery.

Jason Perry of SNDC Yennora reckons over the last 10 years their members have raised over $90,000 for each other. For him, it’s simply “members helping members”, part and parcel of being in the NUW.  As for how he managed it, Perry had this much to say: “I run a tight ship!”

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