Congratulations to our members at Speedibake for standing together and taking 72 hours of protected industrial action as management continue to play their dirty game, refusing to come to the table with a fair agreement.

On Monday October 30th, NUW NSW Organiser Dave Humphries and delegates at Speedibake met with management in hope of progressing negotiations towards an agreement with reasonable wage increases and working conditions.

Speedibake persisted in pushing forward an agreement with a disgraceful 1.75% increase, and still wanted to drop the RDOs and picnic day claim. This offer was completely unacceptable and so our members unanimously rejected it. With management’s ongoing and appalling proposals, our members decided it was time to take protected industrial action, which was approved by the Fair Work Commission.

The next day on Tuesday the 31st of October, Speedibake workers agreed that enough was enough, and began 72 hours of strike action. As soon as they went on strike, management showed their true colours and took everything off the table. While Speedibake ramped up their dirty game to weaken and divide the workforce, this only made our members’ resolve and determination stronger.

Members chanted their fight from the corners of the streets, and even visited the GWF Head Office in Macquarie Park to make their voices loud and clear. You can check out the video on our Facebook page. There is still more to come in the fight for a fair agreement at Speedibake so stay tuned for what’s next.



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