Our Vision

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Progressive and Strong Outcomes for NUW Members

The living standards, wages, allowances, rights and fair working conditions of Australian working people can only be protected and advanced by a strong, vibrant and representative union movement. All of the benefits and entitlements enjoyed by working people have been campaigned and fought for by Australia’s union movement.

The National Union Of Workers, New South Wales Branch stands at the forefront of the union movement working towards better outcomes for our members and making sure that they do not take a single step backwards in any aspect of their working lives.

We believe that the acknowledgement of the efforts of labour through decent wages and conditions. We see the human rights and dignity of any of our members as things that are not negiotiable. We ensure that each workplace where our members are employed is safe and free of hazards. We endeavour to progress the lives of the men and women who are the NUW in New South Wales.

Our vision is to ensure the National Union Of Workers, New South Wales Branch continues to be one of the strongest and most progressive unions in Australia. One that is willing to fight and ready to win.

The NUW New South Wales Branch prides itself on supporting our members and their families. A union can only be as strong as its members and our members show their strength and committment each day in work places across the State. They form a strong collective voice and one that lifts up the wages and conditions of the industries we cover.

The NUW has led the way in making major advances in the working lives of our members. We are committed to continue to do this. However, we need your help to make us even stronger and to be part of the unions future.