Our Team

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The Leadership Team:

Branch Secretary – Martin Cartwright
Assistant Branch Secretary – Bruno Mendonca
NSW State President – Sharon Morris
NSW Vice President – Jason Perry

The Industry Organising Team:

Mark Cochrane
Brett Cotterill
Garry Cripps
Ron Herbert
Dave Humphries
Marilyn Issanchon
Corrinn Martyn
Charlie Morgan
Sharon Morris
Ghazi Noshie
Terry McQuillan

Workers Compensation Officer:

Frank Sultana

The Organising Industry Coverage Areas are:

Sales Reps, Oil, Steel, Warehousing, Distribution, Cable making, Plastics, Rubber
Waru Mete & Sharon Morris

Pharmaceuticals, Warehousing, Distribution, Food manufacturing
Marilyn Issanchon & Dave Humphries

Retail warehousing, Cold Storage warehousing
Ghazi Noshie & Mark Cochrane

Transport logisitics, Third party logistics, Qantas
Terry McQuillan & Charlie Morgan

Milling, Petfood, Poultry, Dairy, Manufacturing, Blow Moulding, Food distribution, Warehousing, Chep Pallets
Garry Cripps & Brett Cotterill