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The Federated Storemen and Packers’ Union was formed in 1912 with the amalgamation of the Federated Rubber and Allied Workers’ Union of Australia. Under the federal leadership of Percy Clarey, General President from 1918 to 1960 and later of Bill Landeryou and Simon Crean, the union established a wide coverage within the key wool, oil and transport industries as well as across a wide spectrum of manufacturing activities.

From 1988 the union underwent a series of amalgamations, starting with the Federated Rubber & Allied Workers’ Union to form the National Union of Storeworkers Packers Rubber & Allied Workers. In 1991 this new union merged with the Sales Representatives’ and Commercial Travellers’ Guild and the Commonwealth Foremens’ Association to create the National Union of Workers. A year later the National Union of Workers reregistered following further amalgamations with the Federated Cold Storage & Meat Preserving Union of Australasia and the Federated Millers’ & Manufacturing Grocers’ Association of Australasia.

The History of the National Union of Workers, New South Wales Branch is progressive, diverse and successful.

The NUW as we now know it came into being in September 1992.

The National Union Of Workers was formed as a result of the amalgamation of:

  • The Federated Storemen & Packers Union which was established in July 1908
  • The Federated Miller & Manufacturing Grocers Employees Association of Australia, NSW Branch which was established in March 1911
  • The Rubber and Allied workers Union of NSW which was established in November 1913
  • The Pastrycook, Biscuit Makers’ and Allied Industries Union of NSW which was established in September 1908
  • The Commercial Travellers Guild which was formed in November 1931

Although diverse in its membership, the National Union of Workers, New South Wales Branch has always had once single goal: to be one of Australia’s strongest unions.

Our industry-wide agreements ensure that wages and conditions lift the living standards of our members across the state. Our no-nonsense attitude, often labelled “militant” by our detractors means that we are serious about the safety, wages and conditions of our people. We are willing to fight and ready to win.

We believe that every worker has the right to fair dinkum representation. We do not believe any worker has gotten a better deal or a safer workplace by half-hearted advocacy. The NUW, New South Wales Branch thinks that success is measured by unity and that the Union is strength.

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