Our members at FMC Wyong will reap the rewards for their hard work in negotiating and securing a great agreement. Their negotiations have set a fantastic example of what it means to stand in solidarity with their comrades and work towards an agreement that is fair and secure.


Members at FMC Wyong secured a 3-year agreement that includes a blood donation clause, so that members can receive paid time off to donate blood. Just 1 blood donation saves 3 lives, so this clause will have real and life saving impacts in the NSW Community. NUW NSW Secretary, Martin Cartwright said, “Our members at FMC should be proud of this achievement, both for themselves and the community. This clause our members have won clause will literally save lives.”


A particular area of contest however during the negotiations was when management attempted to reduce redundancy provisions back to the National Employment Standards (NES). Our members at FMC flat out rejected this, and rightfully wanted to keep their current uncapped redundancies. The company then proposed to keep current employees on their uncapped redundancies, but to introduce redundancy caps for new employees in line with the NES. We knew this was unfair for the future workforce, and after consultation with the AMWU, Mr Humphries and our members rejected this proposal too. We eventually reached agreement that our members would maintain their uncapped redundancies. Because our members stood strong – we were able to negotiate a fair and secure agreement, which is a fantastic outcome for all.


Dave Humphries, NUW NSW Organiser says that ‘the small but stanch members at FMC proved that you don’t have to be in a site with hundreds of union members to achieve a great outcome. You just have stick together. That’s true solidarity right there.”


Members at FMC are still campaigning to push the legislation of 10 days paid domestic violence leave across Australia for this vital legislative change.

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