This month, NUW NSW Executive travelled to Canberra to meet with the Opposition Leader, Hon Bill Shorten MP.

NUW NSW Secretary, Martin Cartwright, Assistant Branch Secretary, Bruno Mendonca and President, Sharon Morris, descended on Parliament House to discuss all things IR with the opposition leader.

NUW NSW Secretary, Martin Cartwright, said:

“All in all it was a successful trip and we were able to discuss a whole range of topics, from the termination of enterprise bargaining agreements, to legislation around industry standards and labour hire firms.

“We discussed at length the issues our members currently face in the workplace and workshopped industrial relations policy solutions to address key concerns.

“While our union is as strong as ever, it is comforting to know that we have the backing of some of our nations’ leaders such as Bill who have the power to rewrite our industrial landscape.

“Everyday workers deserve a voice and seat in Parliament and while this may not always be possible in real terms, meetings such as the one we had with Bill Shorten strengthen our democratic processes as a nation.”

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