New NSW Labor Leader’s Impassioned Union Cry

New NSW Opposition leader Michael Daley has issued a stirring defence of trade unions, as he welcomed NUW delegates into NSW Parliament.

Mr Daley told the union’s delegates annual Christmas lunch that he had joined a union at 18, after his father told him the importance of having someone in his corner.

“First, if you ever get into trouble, it’ll only be the union there to help you. They’ll be the ones that won’t run away. And number two, you’ve got great conditions… all of those things were never given to you and your ilk by charity. People fought for them. You owe it to them to join the union, to honour the fight that they have made.

“And I’ve been a member of the union since I was 18.”

At the event, Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Adam Searle reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to tackling wage theft and protecting workers’ rights.

The function marked the end of a fantastic year for NUW NSW – and with the hope of a Labor government on the horizon, 2019 will bring real change to the lives of all Australian workers!

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