Member Benefits

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NUW Member Benefits

Industrial Representation

Negotiated Comprehensive Enterprise Agreements
Negotiated Industry Leading Rates & Conditions
Representation in Unfair Dismissals
Representation and Advice with Workers Compensation Issues
Representation in Workplace Health & Safety Matters

Ambulance Cover

Who is covered?
NUW Members and their immediate family who fit in the following groups: Dependent children up to 18 years who are still attending school Spouses (Married or De Facto) The NUW member must be a financial member of the union 3 months prior to claiming for ambulance coverage.

How many times can members claim?
3 payments per year per member or their family member (spouse or dependent child).

What proof of identity is needed? NUW Member – NUW Membership card or Drivers License or photo ID. Spouse – Two forms of ID. Child – Two forms of ID. Step Child – Two forms of ID or Statutory Declaration from parent.

Does the union need to see the bill?
Yes. Please present the original copy, not the reminder.

How long does it take to pay the bill?
It usually takes 14 days to process the bill (from the day the NUW receives it) Any other questions? Contact the NUW Office on 9682 4622

Mortality Benefit

NUW Mortality Fund: $2000 payable to the next of kin of any financial NUW member upon their death. (A death certificate must be signed). Contact 9682 4622.

Private Health Insurance

GMHBA has over 75 years’ experience and is the health insurer of choice for over 200,000 Australians.

Workers Doctors

Dr Eric Lim has a service located at Harris Park called WORKERS DOCTORS. This is a free, BULK BILLING service available for al NUW members and their families. This service offers the full range of GP services and appointments are now being taken. To make a appointment call or text 0402 126 963 or email:

Legal Services

Member’s rates on all legal services through McNally Jones Staff Lawyers.

Journey Insurance

Protecting Members on their daily trip to work and back. The National Union of Workers, New South Wales Branch provides all financial members with Free Journey Injury Insurance. As a result of the NSW government’s 2012 changes to Workers’ Compensation Laws in NSW, the majority of workers are no longer covered for injuries sustained whilst travelling to or from work.

The NUW does not believe it is fair that workers should be at risk of significant financial hardship as a result of simply travelling to or from work. This is why we have introduced Journey Injury Insurance to automatically cover all our financial members. Under this insurance, an injured member is covered fro up to 85% of their normal weekly wage to a maximum of $1,200 per week gross, subject to a 14 day waiting period and a maximum 104 week benefit period. In addition, the journey injury insurance provides cover for a lump sum benefit of up to $100,000 in the event of death or permanent disablement.

While this policy cannot fully replace the coverage previously provided by the NSW Workers’ Compensation legislation, it goes some way in providing an income support safety net and greater peace of mind for all our members and their families. For full details regarding this great new benefit, please speak to your Organiser, contact the NUW NSW Branch office on 9682 4622 or contact Coverforce. As well as the automatic Journey Injury Insurance for financial members, we are offering exclusive offers and discounts on Group Wage Protection Insurances and Private Health Insurances. For more information in making a claim click here

Other NUW Member Benefits

  • Access to Rehabilitation Services through the Workers Health Centre
  • Free Financial Advice through Chifley Financial Services
  • Access to ME Bank competitive rates and services
  • Access to LUCRF Superannuation products and advice
  • 10% Members discount at Dentistry with Finesse Dental
  • A 10% discount on portrait photography with Darren Edwards Photography
  • 10% off on cost of Tax Returns with Chahine & Associates Accountants, Granville

Access to great deals on all insurance products with IFS Insurance Broking (formerly Labour Union Insurance Brokers)

Please Note: All discounts are only available to current financial members of the National Union Of Workers, New South Wales. Discounts are subject to quotation of or sighting of your NUW membership card number. For questions relating to any NUW member discounts contact the office on 02 9682 4622.