The NUW NSW has achieved another win by securing a new and improved Enterprise Agreement for our Lion and Dairy Drinks employees in Penrith.

After a long hard series of negotiations, members and organisers Garry Cripps and Brett Cotterill, have secured an agreement which contains several new important clauses. These clauses include late payment of wages of the $50/day payment is capped at $250 (gross) meaning discrepancies unresolved for periods of 5 or more business days will only attract a $250 payment.

The Agreement also includes improved counselling with a fair process, and an improved disputes clause to be done a timely manner. The agreement also secured a sign on bonus and back pay.

The efforts of our Union members, delegates, organisers Garry Cripps and Brett Cotterill and bargaining representatives have again proven provided a fantastic outcome in progressing rights and conditions for our workers.

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