Late Pay Penalty Anchors New EBAs

Workers at Nestle Blayney and Martin Brower Wetherill Park have secured new agreements that will see their employers penalised for late payment of wages.

NUW delegates Garry Cripps and Brett Cotterill secured the agreements after extended negotiations, fighting to include several key clauses.

The new EBA for Martin Brower’s logistics workers delivers a 3% annual pay rise for the next three years, increases to allowances and back pay, and has the innovative provision of a $10 per day late pay penalty, up to $250.

Mr Cripps says the back pay provision is a response to a growing trend in the industry where pay is not delivered on time, placing undue stress on workers and their families.

Nestle Blayney workers will now receive similar late penalties under their EBA, as well as annual site rate increases of 2.5%, 2.7% and 2.9% over three years and increases in allowances.

Another important win in the Nestle agreement guarantees site rates will be paid to maintenance contractors, ensuring they aren’t underpaid and protecting the jobs of Nestle employees.

Improvements were also made to the conversion clause for temporary workers, securing an easier pathway to full-time positions, and a better redundancy clause ensuring a fairer deal for workers.

Mr Cripps said of the successful negotiations, “This is a fantastic example of how unions are a force for good. Together, we contribute towards a fairer Australia and stronger workforce.

“Every worker deserves a job they can count on so they can build a better life for themselves and their family and way to do that is through a strong union.”

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