Delegate Responsibilities

The role of a NUW Union Delegate is to act as the Union representative in the workplace. In conjunction with the Officers of the Union, the duty of a Delegate is to advance and protect the interests of the Union and the wages, conditions and welfare of its members by the following means:

  • Promoting the Union, its activities and the benefits of membership, including participating in induction sessions for new employees;
  • Enrolling persons into the NUW at the workplace and maintaining a high standard of financial membership;
  • Providing assistance to any member of the NUW requiring it, including assisting in the resolution of disputes;
  • Promoting and campaigning for improved conditions of employment in the workplace and/or industry;
  • Negotiating or assisting in negotiating enterprise agreements including by preparing members’ claims, representing the Union during negotiations and communicating regularly with members and Officers;
  • Encouraging and promoting the training of Delegates and of members in matters affecting their conditions of employment and participating in training;
  • Dealing with instances of a breach of any industrial instrument or Union policy or regulation applying at the workplace;
  • Dealing with occupational health and safety issues, including hazardous working conditions at the workplace;
  • Distributing or disseminating all union notices, newsletters, documents and news updates;
  • Complying with any reasonable request of an Official of the Union.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate or wish to enrol in our delegates training, please contact your NUW Official. You can also register in our training here.

Know Your Delegate Rights

Under the Federal Workplace Legislation, union delegates have the right to:

  • engage in the ordinary duties of being a workplace delegate without detriment or discrimination in their employment
  • formal recognition by the employer that elected or appointed workplace delegates speak on behalf of their colleagues
  • bargain collectively on behalf of those they represent
  • be consulted with by the employer in relation to workplace changes
  • access information relevant to the workplace (without breaching privacy laws or confidentiality)
  • participate in negotiations, dispute resolution, protected industrial action or attendance at FWA without suffering any repercussions
  • meet with their union at the workplace during break times
  • consult with colleagues during worktime in relation to a concern or dispute
  • participate in the industrial activities and operation of the union
  • paid time to attend union education if your agreement permits
  • access to reasonable facilities (such as telephone, email, photocopying and internet) for the purpose of carrying out ordinary delegate duties like consulting with colleagues and the union
  • place union information on a notice board in a prominent location in the workplace

In many of the Enterprise Agreements negotiated by the NUW, our delegates have additional rights and entitlements contained in their Enterprise Agreement.  For more information about your Enterprise Agreement contact us today.