DB Schenker commits to converting 100 casuals to permanent jobs

DB Schenker commits to converting 100 casuals to permanent jobs

In a huge win for workers and the movement, NUW NSW has negotiated with DB Schenker to secure permanent positions for 100 of its casual workers in 2018.

NUW NSW organiser, Charlie Morgan, said when he first took on DB Schenker nearly 10 years ago, the workforce was highly casualised and people were extremely anxious about their job security and planning for the future.

Since then, NUW NSW has been working closely with DB Schenker to negotiate the process of converting casual positions into permanent jobs.

“Casual workers deserve the peace of mind and security that comes with permanent employment – they should be recognised and rewarded for their hard work.

“Every single worker in Australia should have a secure job so they can forge a better, richer and more fulfilling life for themselves and their families.

“When we delivered the news to the casual workers at Schenker that they would be moving into permanent jobs they were absolutely ecstatic and immediately wanted to know more about the union and how they could get involved.

“We are in the process of inducting the first batch of casuals and will continue this process up to and after Easter.

“We have been going out on site to speak to workers in paid 20 minute meetings, telling them more about what the union has to offer, discussing their concerns and any questions they may have.

“To their credit, DB Schenker have shown commitment to moving towards a more permanent workforce and we thank them for their cooperation and time throughout the negotiations thus far,” said Charlie Morgan.

A huge congratulations to all the organisers and delegates involved in the negotiations with DB Schenker for their hard work and dedication to securing better outcomes for all workers.

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