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The National Union of Workers, New South Wales Branch covers people who work in the following industries:

  • Warehousing, distribution and logistics
  • Food manufacturing
  • Rubber, plastic and cable-making
  • Dairy
  • Cold storage
  • Poultry, fish and game processing
  • Skin and hide
  • Wool
  • Oil
  • Pet food
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Milling
  • Market research
  • Merchandising and sales representatives

Being a member of the NUW not only provides for better working conditions but check out just some of the great member services such as:

Interpreter Services
You can talk to your union through a FREE translation service. Call 131 450 and tell the operator the language you speak. Then ask them to call your union on 9682 4622 or (Freecall) 1300 JOIN NUW (1300 564 668). The NUW can also arrange face-to-face interpreting at any location for you to discuss membership or any issues relating to your work. This service is provided free by your Union.
Legal Services
The National Union of Workers - NSW Branch are proud to announce McNally Jones Staff for our members industrial and legal services. Our new association with the team at McNally's has resulted in great outcomes for our members. For more information about McNally's, just click on the link above.
Ambulance Cover
Who is covered? NUW Members and their immediate family who fit in the following groups: Dependent children up to 18 years who are still attending school Spouses (Married or De Facto) The NUW member must be a financial member of the union 3 months prior to claiming for ambulance coverage. How many times can members claim? 3 payments per year per member or their family member (spouse or dependent child). What proof of identity is needed? NUW Member – NUW Membership card or Drivers License or photo ID. Spouse – Two forms of ID. Child – Two forms of ID. Step Child – Two forms of ID or Statutory Declaration from parent. Does the union need to see the bill? Yes. Please present the original copy, not the reminder. How long does it take to pay the bill? It usually takes 14 days to process the bill (from the day the NUW receives it) Any other questions? Contact the NUW Office on 9682 4622
Journey Insurance
Earlier in 2012 the NSW government changed Workers’ Compensation Laws so that the majority of workers are no longer covered by the Workcover Authority for injuries sustained travelling to or from work. As a way of protecting our members from the potential of significant financial hardship the NSW Branch commenced (from October 1st 2012) free journey insurance for all financial members. For more information about making a claim please contact Coverforce and they will assist you in your claim.
Mortality Benefit
NUW Mortality Fund: $2000 payable to the next of kin of any financial NUW member upon their death. (A death certificate must be signed). Contact 9682 4622.

We represent all full-time, casual and part-time workers in the above  industries. Call (02) 9682 4622 or email the the NUW New South Wales Branch if you need any further information. Become part of an organisation with a proven history of fighting for workers’ rights.


Being an NUW member means you are part of strong union that raises the standards in working conditions and ensures you and your family get access to a better working life.

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Our Enterprise Agreements have lifted industry standards in wages & conditions. Our members enjoy higher living standards than their non-union colleagues. Our long-time focus on ensuring safe practices in the workplace has provided safe & healthy work environments for our members. Our commitment to justice has meant that fairness and respect are a priority for NUW members.


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